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Collecting and Up cycling Vintage Jewellery

Romantic Fantasy Pearl Crystal Statement Necklace and Earring Set made with Upcycled Vintage crystal and pearls.   People often ask me how I got interested in making jewellery, well, I have always been fascinated by jewellery, as long as I can remember. My Mother loved fine jewellery, not costume, but, diamonds & gems, so my Father would buy her jewellery when ever he could. Those sparkly things made her so happy.     We often went to the  Royal Ontario Museum on Sundays where I spent ages studying the elaborate Turquoise Egyptian beaded collars, gold Etruscan Earrings, the elaborate bead work by Native Canadians, etc.     I loved watching old movies on Saturday afternoons, those Hollywood costumes and jewellery were fantastic! Remember the elaborate gold and turquoise jewellery in Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor, the fantastic arm cuffs and anklet in the sold Samson and Delia, the sparkly gems worn by Greta Garbo in Camille, I tried to make the costumes and jewellery myself

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